Miss Baumgarten's Banter

Welcome to Collins

My name is Miss Baumgarten. You will see me in the halls of Collins Elementary pushing my friend, 'Art'. Art is my cart that I take to every class with me. Art holds my supplies as well as displays things we need to know every day.I teach computer, art/Spanish, and kindergarten music. At Collins Elementary, we alternate Art and Spanish by marking periods during the school year. Art is taught the first and third marking periods and Spanish the second and fourth marking periods respectively.


At the beginning of the school year in Art we work on colors, shapes, lines, and how lines show movement. We also will begin with thoughts on what art is and examples. We will also develop ways to show how lines can move without drawing, how primary colors are magic and make secondary colors, and how when drawing we can think shapes all the time to create art.

Computer and Kindergarten Music

Computer classes will be practicing for the NWEA sessions at the end of September as well as practicing how to use the computer keyboard correctly via the home row keys. We are also fortunate to have a class set of ipads to use in the classroom when the computer lab/library is closed.

Kindergarten music will begin the year with talking about what music is and examples of music. During the first marking period we will be building a band to reveal at our concert in December, as well as singing.