Skin Island? Where?

This article is about the outstanding book called Vitro

Article By: Riley Jevika Saghu

Book By: Jessica Khoury; Publisher: Scholastic; Publishing date: 2014; Number of pages: 360

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About the main characters:

Sophie Crue:

She is the most important character. Sophie is the one who decided to go to Skin Island. She is also very daring and will do anything for the ones she loves. Sophie is also very curious and sometimes trusts people a little more than she should.

Jim Julien:

Jim is Sophie's childhood friend and is the pilot that takes her to Skin Island because everyone else is too much of a wimp to do it. He is caring. He has some trust issues, but he is very smart.


Lux is Sophie's twin sister. She has a chip in her brain so she can't control her own thoughts and sometimes, her actions. She imprints on Jim like a duckling follows the first thing it sees. She brave and curious, just like her twin, Sophie. She was also asleep for 18 years so she has

Summary of the Book:

Sophie gets an EMail from her mom saying she needs help at Skin Island. She needs a pilot and her childhood friend Jim is the only one brave enough to take her. Some one sets up a trap and they crash while landing. Sophie goes to the building while Jim fixes the plane. When Sophie gets there, she sees her twin Lux. She gets knocked out and Jim thinks Lux is her so he steals Luz and she imprints on him. People think Sophie is Lux and take her but she doesn't know what's going on. Jim is confused when Lux wakes up. She has a chip in her brain and imprints on Jim. She then does anything he says or does. Sophie's mom freaks out when she realizes she is there and finds out Nicholas sent the EMail. He is a psycho and knows everything about Sophie. She is then put in a "cell" downstairs. She is supposed to leave with Jim but Nicholas convinces her to stay. Jim leaves and Nicholas blows him up. Nicholas tortures Sophie in an old town. He tells her she is actually the very first vitro and her mom isn't her mom. He goes back to the vitro building and makes a distraction and says he is going to mind control her. Jim apparently wasn't exploded, he escaped in time, but he gets caught and is put into a gas room with other vitros, including Lux, to die. When Sophie is rescued by her mom, they go and save Jim, Lux, and other vitros. Sadly, Nicholas has a plan, he is going to blow up the whole place. Lux disobeys Jim and breaks the chip, blowing up the building when he told her not to. She kills herself. Jim and Sophie are told to leave and forget about it. They escape and live. In the end, Sophie gets an EMail from her mom saying there is now more security and Lux has cured the problem of slave kids, the vitros.

What was the Conflict?:

The conflict was staying alive and getting home. They were also interested in why they were making human slaves there because that is just wrong. There also was the problem of the psychopath, Nicholas, why was he so morbid, and why is he trying to kill them?

Quotation Explanation:

I think a quote that has a significant meaning to the book is "They are not kids,' she said softly. 'Look at them. They're just things we made, machines of skin and bone perhaps, but their every thought is ignited by a mechanical code." It explains how some people just don't care about anyone or anything and that the vitros are more than just robots. They may do anything you tell them to, but they are people too.

Book Review:

I would give this book a 4 1/2 stars for a review because I loved the book, but some parts I wish wouldn't have happened. Like I wish Lux didn't die so she could live normally with Sophie and Jim. I think it was creepy when they couldn't find Nicholas's body but they found Lux's.