22nd Reunion BCHS Batch 1990

December 29, 2012

Our special day is coming soon

Greetings! BCHS Batch 1990. Christmas is just around the corner. Again, we look forward to our yearly event when our batch gets together and enjoy not only each other's company but also the season of sharing and giving. We have noticed that every year there has been a steady increase in involvement among members of our batch. Every time we do this, it always brings joy and satisfaction. We always thank the Almighty for all the blessings that He has given to our batch. This time, let us all make our Reunion more special than before. Long live Batch 1990.

22nd Reunion 2012

Saturday, Dec. 29th 2012 at 10am

Nelia's Place, Tanjay City, Central Visayas, Philippines

Tanjay City, Central Visayas


Php175.00 per head (food)
Php50.00 per tshirt (tshirt printing, submit your own tshirt), colort blue

Php25.00 per head (bus fare - pakyaw)
ASSEMBLY TIME/PLACE: 9:00AM, "Let the mind speak"


  • You can bring your spouse/partner during the event, separate payment for food and fare. Strictly NO KIDS ALLOWED.
  • Another charge of Php100/head for those who wants to use the pool
  • Menu for lunch: Pork Hawaiian steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Fish Fillet w/ Sauce, Fruit Mix for Dessert, with soft drink and UNLIMITED RICE
  • Schedule for Kawang-Gawa will be on December 28, Friday, 3:00PM at Baranggay Talungon Quadrangle


Friday, December 28

3:00PM - Kawang-Gawa, Barangay Lo-oc Quadrangle

Saturday, December 29

9:00AM - Assembly time, "Let The Mind Speak"

10:00AM - Arrival and Registration

11:00AM - Program Proper

12:00NN - Lunch

2:00PM - Parlor Games & Videoke

4:00PM - Closing Ceremony

The Venue

Water World, Kamanggahan Garden Resort
Sitio Matangad Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, Tel# 4003375



We need more sponsors for the kawang-gawa ( 100 indigent kids) for the kawang-gawa (magpakaon gihapon ta sa mga bata) any amount or in kind basta nahatag nato nila. pls pls. share your blessings.....

Batchmates Contributions October 16

1. Reginita Villo Andong ---------- Php 500.00 ( gibayad sa reservation sa atong venue)

2. Ninfa Torres -------------------- Php300.00
3. Gertrudes Cadis Vaño ---------- Php200.00 plus litson

4. Junelyn Jumao-as Agbayani ---- Php250.00 ( plus promise to donate sa kawang gawa)
5. Susette Maturan Japin --------- Php250.00 ( plus promise to donate sa kawang gawa)
6. Jocyl Baena -------------------- Php250.00

7. Lloyd Dionson ----------------- Php250.00 ( plus promise to donate sa kawang gawa)

8. Yvonne Noblezada Santos ----- Php500.00

9. Ivy Acab Noble ---------------- Php1000.00

10. Loreto Llera ------------------ Php1000.00

11. Dante Alcoma --------------- Php1500.00

Palihug lang hatud inyong T-shirt. daghan salamat. We really need your cooperation. Dili namo ni mahimo ni Ging-ging, Jocyl ug Lloyd & Yvonne w/out your help Batchmates. This happens only once a year.

MGA SPONSOR/PLEDGES sa atong umaabot nga REUNION 2012

1 Litson - Gertrudes Cadiz Vaño
Php500.00 - Miguel Juan Mig Viliran

We need more sponsors to defray the expenses for the Kawang-gawa, transportation, etc. We appeal for your benevolence. Godspeed and more power to our batch, BCHS 1990. Please share your blessings, Merry Christmas to all.

- Susette Maturan Japin

Please Send Donations

For our event and Kawang-gawa, please send your donations to this account:


Account. No. 1039-0452-88
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Bais City Branch

Messages from the heart

Thank you for the unending support with the group and have gone this so far. You have made it possible for batch 1990 to celebrate Christmas in a very special way for 4 consecutive years now. Your efforts is highly recognized and appreciated so with Ging2x, Lloyd and Company. God bless and looking forward to seeing you all next month...

- Lambert Rosalem Lopez, Wednesday November 14 at 4:17pm

Dear BCHS Batch 1990, once again, we are looking forward to an event that will make our friendship re-united. This year will be another special year for all of us to be present and that we cannot afford to miss..it's our batch yearly reunion and we are trying to uphold this bond and connection strong as ever among the rest of the batches in BCHS.

In this connection, may i ask for your never ending support to make this event as another memorable one and putting your hearts to make this event very possible by giving your contribution earlier. The details for the exact amount to be paid please see the people who are responsible for the collection like, Ms. Susette Maturan-Japin, Ms. Junelyn Jumao-as Agbayani or to Mr. Lloyd Dionson. You may connect personally or send your messages throug

h text and or even posting your ideas right here in our batch group . Please be informed also of the deadline for the collections and other important details.

To all of you batch-mates, This message serves as an invitation..please keep in touch and know that you are always welcome to join our gatherings. We will make sure that this will be different from the usual that all will enjoy. May the lord god will keep us always safe and so with your love once. Thank you very much!

- Maria Carmela Sibala Kho November 30 at 12:04pm