Thinglink Tutorial

How to create an interactive image

What is Thinglink?

This is an online tool for creating an interactive image. What is an interactive image? It is a photo from online or your own files enhanced with tags that can provide text information or links to websites or videos. It helps bring images to life and houses links for a project in one location.

Simple instructions for creating your first Thinklink image

For step-by-step, printable instructions, click here

Video Instructions

Thinglink Instructions Video

Security Tip for Students

When editing the image, select "Image Settings" and select "unlisted" visibility. With this setting only those with the link can view your work.

Collect students' Thinglinks in one location using Padlet.

Here is a sample of a student collection.

Additional Tips and Resources

Thinglink Blog is a great way to stay informed of updates to the program and get ideas for using Thinglink for projects, assignments, and communications.

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