Homegoing Celebration

Elijah Clark


December 8,1799-3pm


2959 McCormick Highway Lincolnton



1773~December 5, 1799

Elijah was such a important person in everyone's life. Elijah and I were very close he was such a funny intelligent person its terribly sad that he passed. He did many great things to protect us from the Lobster Backs. On February 14, 1779 he was the Lieutenant Colonel of the militia Elijah led them into the rebel victory at Kettle Creek. Even after the war he stayed and helped any way he could he served in the State Assembly from 1781~1790 and in the Constitutional Convention of 1789. As a general of the militia, he led his men into defeating the Creeks at Jack's Creek which is today known as Walton County on September 21, 1787. Elijah was very impatient with the failures of the National and State Government to bring peace to the frontier. So like the leader he is he decided to do something about it. He formed a Independent Republic today called the, Trans~Oconee~Republic. He seized Creek lands on the Oconee frontier. Twice he became involved in plots to invade neighboring Spanish East Florida. Elijah was always that take charge kind of guy he will never be forgotten. Elijah Clarke leaves behind 1 son John Clarke who like his father was into politics he was Governor from 1819-1823

A Warrior, HERO, Genius, Jokester, Leader, Father to All, Politician, Gone but NEVER Forgotten