Plant-like Protists

By: Wendy, Beth, Nic, and David

Cell Type

The plant-like protists are eukaryote and either multicellular or unicellular.

Cell Structure

They have nucleus, large ribosomes, mitochondria, and ER, golgi bodies, and some have chloroplast.


A lot of protists that appear and share the same function as plant roots and stems called holdfasts and stripes.

Method of Obtaining Energy

There are four main ways the plant like protist obtain energy:

Photosynthetic autotroph

Chemosynthetic autotroph

Heterotroph by ingestion

Heterotroph by absorption

*Euglenoibs are autotroph in the light and heterotroph at night.*

Method of Reproduction

Asexual and Sexual reproduction. Some protists reproduce by mitosis, miosis, or both.


-Green Algae
-Red Algae
-Brown Algae
-Golden Algae
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