My Digital Dossier


Before My Birth

Even before my birth, my moms ultrasound was taken, meaning that I was already on a picture. That ultrasound was given to the doctor meaning that it's in some kind of file, somewhere

After My Birth

Right after I was born my mother would probably be given my birth certificate which was probably also added to my file which my ultrasound would have been in already. Meaning I would have two items in my file. It's also probably online now.

Newborn And Todler

When I was a newborn child, my mother took a picture of me as a baby and printed it out of her camera. I still have that picture on an SD card hidden by mom along with others, such as me crawling, etc. When I was a toddler, in Ottawa. I fell off a couch and broke most of my teeth. Some of the dentist visits from it lasted through me living in Mississauga too. Probably meaning, they are on my file. Also doctor checkups, etc are probably also on my file. Throughout my Newborn And Toddler years, I got multiple vaccinations, probably also on my record.

Child And Adolescent

When I was a child I probably had things such as doctors appointments added to my medical record. That would probably be on my digital dossier. Plus, since I was in a school at that age it would mean that my enrollment into school would probably be on my record and in turn my digital dossier. Nothing important happened at these ages.