Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid


DNA Stucture

The monomer of DNA is a nucleotide. A nucleotide is made out of Sugar, phosphate, and a base - which could either be an A, C, T, or G base. There are always two monomers put together, held be hydrogen bonds.

DNA Replication

DNA must replicate, of course, to make new cells. The new cells need enzymes to speed up the replication. Since enzymes are used in the body to speed up chemical reactions, it does the job perfectly. The purpose of replication is to make new cells to help organisms grow. It also helps to heal the organisms, like if you got cut. It heals because of the DNA replication. Mitosis is what happens when DNA replicates and divides one cell into two cells.

How DNA Makes Protein

DNA makes protein to obviously, make cells, tissue, organs, and ultimately an organism. DNA is 6 feet long, scrunched up into a tinny little double helix. DNA holds the data of the human body, the cell. Transcribing is when you take one side of the DNA, and write the complementary pair to the side. A goes with T. C goes with G. mRNA is the side of the DNA that has been translated, as in it has U's instead of T's. It also is ready to be doubled. The ribosome is the organelle that scans RNA and makes the amino acids. The amino acids are the end products of the scan, and will merge together to make a protein. A protein, is the ACTUAL end product of all of this. Protein is obviously, meat. :D
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