SLB Newsletter Special Edition

December 18, 2019

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Dear SLB Family,

We will wrap up half time soon and be entering the third quarter of the game! Our goals are lofty --- to increase performance at every Dallas ISD school and also to have no "F" schools.

Our teachers have so many things on their plate! Here are just a few:

  • Learning new standards with a new curriculum
  • Mastering lesson delivery with engaging techniques
  • Monitoring learning to give formative feedback and adjust in the moment
  • Studying student work & data to plan interventions, tutoring and reteach lessons
  • Grading and giving written feedback, updating parents

Since we know the #1 effective teacher move is to deliver an ALIGNED lesson (aligned to standards, rigor, and student needs) we want to provide help. We have many new teachers, a hand full of vacancies, and many classes with intense instructional needs. In an effort to support our teachers the most, we have again created model lesson presentations for review. These are a starting point --- great quality and time-saving tools.

You may find these in the following locations:

  • Elementary: on the School Leadership B page
  • Secondary MS: AIM website and the T&L Power School "How DO I Teach It" Page

Please collaboratively consider how your "Look Forward" PLC may change with these resources. For example, you may design an "exemplar review" with a "Rehearsal" model. Most importantly, review your unique campus needs and the lesson plan content with your teachers to develop your PLC agendas for the spring.

We are entering the fourth six weeks ready for the greatest achievement ever. Thank you for your dedication to our students!

Best Regards,


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  • PLC adjustments (agenda & calendar)
  • Lesson Planning needs - plan or just Exemplars
  • Co-teaching, Coaching & Tiered Support Plans
  • Data Practices, goal setting, individual conferences
  • AGMO
  • Show Call
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