Ashlyn Horn

Ceramics 1

The Duck

When I first started making my ceramics piece I wanted to make a bird with the feathers and everything. Well the feathers kept falling off and I didn't want to start over because I really liked the beak. So I decided to continue making my ceramics piece just with out the feathers and by the time my piece was finished I had some sort of duck. I really like this piece because in my eyes it is very unique.
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The Mysterious Cow/Bull

Starting off I chose the title The Mysterious Cow/Bull simply because I am not 100% sure if my whistle is a cow or a bull. I made this whistle (with help from my ceramics teacher Mr. Jenkins) because I needed to make a whistle and I didn't really know what to make. I thought that my whistle would turn out really bad, but when my whistle was painted and done I really liked the way it looked. Simply because I like the colors gold and purple. I also like the shape and details I put into this piece.
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John Deweese Pottery

This piece is very unique and looks like a old time spittune. The artist must of taken a lot of time to put such detail into the top of the piece. Where there are different objects such as a circle with a curly piece some what attaching itself to the other side of the object making an arch. The bottom of the piece looks sloppy. The lines and the welding at the very bottom look like they where done rather quickly.
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'Free' Emma Marie Caldwalder-Guild

First of all this sculpture has such great detail. For instance the mans face is detailed even though he is facing down, his abs, legs, arms, and even his hair have great detail. The sculpture resembles someone who is trapped because his hands are tied to a pole or tree and he is facing down showing disappointment and sadness. Over all this is a very detailed piece and must of taken a lot of time.
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