Geographical Investigation

2R2 Group 3

Yishun in the past

Yishun has started the development of HDB flats since 1976, with the first HDB flats at Chong Pang. Yishun Neighbourhood 1 has been developed since 1981, followed by Neighbourhood 2. Neighbourhood 6,8 and 9 have been developed since 1987, together with the Town Centre. Neighbourhood 3 and 4 followed slightly later in 1992. Construction of the Neighbourhood 5 was started on 2009 after the Crossrail West was announced and will be completed by 2015.

Yishun BroadWay

Yishun Present

My team and I was interviewing a Uncle, he told us that he love living in Yishun because there are many friends of his there and also he have been going down to the coffee shop to eat for many years too! He also told us that he is very familiar with the place around Yishun also transportation is also very easy as he can get to places he wants to go too!