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John Hancock Charter School, February 7, 2022

Open The Front Door

At JHCS our students learn effective techniques for giving praise or resolving relationship problems. OTFD stands for the steps in this communication process. The goal behind this tool is to articulate feelings in a positive and direct manner.

People feel more comfortable when they don't have to guess what another is feeling or thinking - OTFD facilitates clear and "visible" communication. By practicing this technique regularly you and your child can build a safe environment to resolve differences, and maintain a strong relationship.

Observe - Something you observed with your senses that anyone else can observe. Example: "I noticed you came home 20 minutes after your curfew last night."

Think - A thought or opinion about what you observed. Example: "My thought is that you don't respect the rules we agreed on about a curfew."

Feel - A feeling you had about what you observed. Example: "I feel disappointed because you didn't uphold your side of our agreement."

Desire - What you want (your desire). Example: "My desire is for you to be responsible enough to get yourself home on time. If you are going to be late, I would like to have an agreement that you will call before your curfew."

Upcoming Assemblies

We have the upcoming assemblies/activities:

  • Feb. 10th - Substance Abuse Prevention Assemblies
  • Feb. 16 - NAEP Assessment for 4th Grade
  • Feb. 28 - Viking Raid for 3rd grade

No School For Teacher Development Days

We have some dates approaching when the students will remain home so the teacher can attend professional development. Please save these dates on your calendar.

  • Monday, March 14
  • Tuesday, March 15
  • Wednesday, April 13

Lost and Found - Please have your child check the lost & found before Spring Break

John Hancock Charter School

Tell your family and friends that JHCS is accepting intent to enroll forms for this fall.