Moyer Counseling and PE Spotlight

December 2016

December Classroom Guidance Topics

Kindergarten: Recognizing anger cues and learning positive coping strategies.

First grade: Identifying uncomfortable feelings (frustration, worry and jealousy) and coping strategies.

Second grade: Managing uncomfortable feelings and learning ways to calm down.

Third grade: Accepting differences and steps to making friends. Kid President video: "New Friend"

Fourth grade: Identifying different point of views and disagreeing politely. Kid President video: "How to Disagree."

Fifth grade: Accepting differences and disagreeing politely. Kid President video: "How to Disagree"

Individual Counseling

For students needing additional support academically, emotionally, and/or socially, I offer individual counseling. Teachers and parents can let me know at anytime during the school year if a child needs my support. Students can make a self-referral for counseling by dropping a note in my mailbox, sending me a message on Schoology, or an in-person request.

PE Spotlight with Mr. H

On Wednesday, November 9th, Fourth and Fifth graders participated in our annual Health and Safety Fair. Eight presenters talked to the kids about various health and safety topics for 15 minutes at a time. Presenters included…Mrs. Sawma – Nutrition, Firefighter Jeremy – Home Safety, Mrs. Luebbers – Anxiety and Mindfulness, Firefighter Carr – First Aid, Mrs. Moore – Respiratory Systems, Mrs. Cowens –Cold vs. Flu Officer Rohlfer – Drugs, Officer Hurt – Safety. Special thanks to all presenters. Parents, please ask your kids what they remember about the topics!