Julius Caesar Soundtrack

By: Jakob Benzi

Act 2 Scene 2 Big idea- A sign of bad things to come

In this scene strange things are happening around Rome and people are reporting weird ghostly figures around town. Caesar wants to go to a Senate meeting but his wife Portia has a terrible dream of Caesar being murdered so he finally stays home. I believe this moment in the play is embodied by the song "Mad world" By Gary Juels. In the song in states " All around me are familiar faces" and " going nowhere going nowhere". I believe this represents to conspirators disdain for Caesar and the turmoil they are facing.

- Jakob Benzi

Mad World - Gary Jules (Lyrics)

Act 3 Scene 1 Big Idea- Why you always lying?

In this Caesar is brutally killed by the conspirators. Anthony, along with the other conspirators flee the senate in fear, but he later returns and attempts to gain the conspirators trust. He even shakes their bloody hands. Secretly however, he plots revenge against them and to kill off the conspirators.

I think a parallel to this can be scene in the song " Love the way you lie" by Eminem and Rihanna. Caesar probably feels like he has been betrayed by his closest friends. As this song says he may feel like he has a " knife in the windpipe" leaving him very distraught over the situation. - Jakob Benzi

love the way you lie lyrics (clean version)

Act 2 scene 1 Big idea- What should i do?

In this scene Brutus in alone in his garden trying to decide if he should join the conspiracy or not. He is very torn on the idea of killing his best friend, but at the same time he wants to do what is best for the Roman republic. I think the best song is "should i stay or should I go" by the clash. I believe this represents the inner conflict of Brutus and the choice he must make and how it revolves around that central theme. - Jakob benzi
The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go