RFMS Media Center

2014-2015 Quarter Three Report

21st Century Learning

85 classes visited the Media Center this quarter!!

Classes included:

  • 6th grade English
  • 8th grade English and Social Studies
  • 6/7/8 Computers

Technologies used were Animoto, Windows Live Moviemaker, WeVideo, Google Apps & Noodletools

Classes covered Digital Citizenship, Evaluating Information, Elements of Good Note Taking, Paraphrasing, Copyright/Creative Commons, Citing Your Sources and Book Trailers!

Blind Date with a Book

Do you feel a bit lonely around Valentine's Day? Do you dread the holiday of hearts and chocolates? Think you’re better than all that commercial hype? Then spend Valentine’s Day the right way like our students did this year! Go on a BLIND DATE with a BOOK!

Students filled out a "dating profile" that they turned into the Media Center before the big day. We then paired them with their perfect book matches based on the profiles they filled out.

The library book matches were wrapped up with a sweet little treat on top to make it extra special for the best students on the planet!

March Madness in the Media Center

RFMS Media Center celebrated our own version of March Madness this year with a book tournament voted on by the students for the "One Book to Rule them All".

After 4 weeks of voting and a couple of upsets later, The Selection by Kiera Cass was our final victor!

Vital Statistics

  • 6592 students visited the Media Center this quarter. This is a 4% increase from last year!
  • We circulated 3252 materials in Q3.