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Beads and Beyond Jewelry

Brides are you looking for affordable jewelry for yourself or your bridesmaids? Beads and Beyond specializes in finding the right piece(s) for your special day at no cost. We carry on-trend jewelry (& much) from emerging designers all up to 60% off along with daily sales and coupons. Come check it out, you have nothing to lose by great jewelry that will make a statement. Http:// If your interested, complete the below questionnaire send via email inbox.

Beads and Beyond

Bridal Jewelry Questionnaire

Name:___________________ Wedding date:___________________

1. What type of jewelry are you looking for?





Sets (necklace/earrings, necklace/bracelet, etc.)

Other (please state)

2. Who is the jewelry for?


Mother, Mother In-law


Flower girls

3. What style do you like?

Art Deco - The style of the 1920s and ’30s, noted by flat geometric shapes and bold color contrasts.

Retro - Characterized by wavy lines and large stones, often set in rose gold. A bold, solid look developed in the 1940s and ’50s.

Boho - A Bohemian, hippie look that's often untraditional but artistic. An eclectic mix of styles with global influences.

Modern - Abstract, up-to-date, new takes on old classics.

Chic - Clean, classic style that keeps up with the trends.

Earthy - Elements of wood, stones, leather, and natural hues.

4. Are you looking for a piece(s) that makes a statement or something soft and delicate?

5. What color metal are you looking for?





6. What color gems, stones, or beads are you looking for?

7. What color are bridesmaids dresses?

8. How many jewelry pieces do you need for bridesmaids?

9. What is your price point for each piece?

10. Please provide any additional information to help me find the right piece(s) for your special day.