Jaxson Goldsmith, Andrew Gersh, Dylan Cooper, Jacey Lee

Lincoln's assassination was the resault of a grand mastermined plan.

Lincoln was killed by John Booth who was chosen to kill Lincoln by ex confederate's who wanted revenge at the union.

Lincoln was assassinated by ex confederates

After Lincoln was assassinated letters were found in Booths trunk from George Atzeroldt saying that it was confirmed that the plan to blow up the white house was going to happen. Also after Lincoln was killed in the theatre Booth ran up on the stage and screamed "Sic Semper Tyrannous" which means thus always to tyrants, The south is avenged.

Booth The Rebel Agent

Before killing Lincoln as I said before there were letters that were from George Atzeroldt who sent letters to Lincoln that confirmed the plan to blow up the White House. This proves that Lincoln was always going to blow the white house and cause destruction and now this proves that they would be willing to do something like that again. There is also evidence that Booth had contact with many ex confederates.

The Opposition

People think that Booth came up with the plan to kill Lincoln by himself. If Booth was to come up with the plan all by himself explain the letters that was found in his trunk saying that the plan to blow up the white house was confirmed, that proves that they were already going to do something. People may also say that Booth was ordered to kill Lincoln by international bankers. The Rothschild offered Lincoln high loans to fund the war but he declined. THey viewed Lincoln as a threat to the established order of things.
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