Japanese Fan Dance

A elegant and peaceful bonding dance


This type of dance is performed by young women either in a group or just individual and it includes a hand held fan. Whoever performs the dance wears bold makeup with arranged hair and very bright colored kimonos. Fan dancing is slow and it has many poses and figures that sometimes tell a story.


The origin of the Japanese fan dance goes back the 6th century and many believe it comes from a mythical age. Since the original dance was a form of storytelling of friendship and respect. It was originally performed at society events for those of high ranks and royal marriage ceremonies. Later on the dance become so commonly known Japanese prostitutes known as Geishas performed it.The dance tells a story about two young spirits.One hiding from the world and the other showing her that world is not as scary as it seems.


    • Movements: many wrist movements (obviously with a fan), many of the Japanese fan dances are based on basic ballet movements, but also well sharp movements.

    • Setting: many of the performances were in private ceremonies, shows, theatrical stages , mainly anywhere in an indoor setting.


This dance is performed in theaters ,festivals and exhibition-style events.The dance is really elegant and it requires memorizing routines.

6th peirod

  • Jasmine Oviedo
  • Emily Rodgriguez
  • Adriana Rivera
  • Viehira Flores