Summer Sports Camps @ St. Jeanne's!

Volleyball, Football, Basketball and Soccer

Camps will be for incoming 5th-8th graders.

Athletes will learn skills, run in drills and play in competitve situations all week long. This is your chance to learn a new sport, get better at a favorite sport or get ready to compete on one of our teams in the upcoming year. Mr. Osorio will be the Head Coach for each camp. He and his assistants will work on the fundamentals of each sport and how to play as a team.

We need to know your interested!

The Camps will be week long, Sport Specific Camps

☐ June 18 – 22: Basketball Camp $ 125.00

☐ June 25- June 29: Soccer Camp $ 125.00

☐ July 2 -6 Golf Camp $ 125.00

(No Class on July 4th!)

☐ July 9 -13: Volleyball Camp $ 125.00

☐ July 16-20: Football Camp $ 125.00

We need to know how many are interested by June 1st. Please email us and let us know.

Please Contact Mr. Groninger with any questions!

This camp will be a lot of fun! So get out of the house and come run with us.