How to use the food 2000

by Michelle

why I made this

I designed this so you will never have to go to the kitchen again because the food 2000 is here

step 1

  • First you need to type what you would like to eat it could be your lunch, breakfast or dinner it doesn't matter really what time of the day it is it could be savoury or sweet

step 2

  • Then you look at the screen and see if what you wrote comes up and then you push enter


step 3

  • After that watch the ingredients go through it would bake and then the food would come through the dispenser and it will pop out

step 4

  • Soon take the floating plate out of the box and turn it on then place it in the air and it will float wherever the food goes

step 5

  • Last but not least sit back and relaxe and let the food 2000 do the cooking