The Da Vinci Machine Gun

What helped us advance in war

Past To Present

The machine gun Da Vinci made was a great idea. One thing is that is was very slow unlike machine guns today. The gun shot 33 shots at one time and then reloaded. If the gun that Da Vinci made was used today we would be unsuccessful. Today's machine guns are a lot faster they can shoot up to 100 rounds in one mag and they are way more accurate, but if Da Vinci did not come up with his idea we would nit have what we have today.

Modern Day Machine Guns

Giving Thanks

The old machine gun that Da Vinci made was slow but very effective.If Da Vinci didn't make the drawing of the machine gun we would still be using single shots. War would be slower and soldiers would not be able to see there family's. So but tanks to Da Vinci we have fast shooting guns so can take down quicker. When you have a machine gun you have more than one shot to take down your enemy. If you had a single shot you would only have one shot before you have to reload. So thanks to Da Vinci we have an advanced warfare.