Re-Imagine School

Educational Technology in My Future Classroom

Re-Imagine Today's Classroom

When I think of my time in school, I think of textbooks and desks. Gone are the days where technology is only for writing papers. Today students use the Internet, iPads and apps for just about everything you can think of. I enjoy the thought of incorporating listening stations with iPods, making movie trailers in iMovie on iPads and composing original songs in GarageBand. All work will be put in online portfolios for parents to see and for students to continue creating long after they graduate from my program. There are so many options and opportunities!

Start with the Basics

In my dream classroom, I would start from the bottom and work up. For a music classroom, important additions include Wenger Posture Chairs, Manhasset Music Stands and a sturdy directors podium. This is the bare-bones requirements for a music classroom. What else could I possibly need?

Instrument Storage

No matter what grade level I teach, I will need sturdy storage for my instruments. From band to orchestra to general music, things will need a safe place away from hands who have ulterior motives.

Music Classroom Technology

Music for All, Music for Life

Classroom Decorations

As an expert Pinterester, I have found literally thousands of ideas for my classroom. If I am an elementary music teacher, there are so many opportunities for cute and functional pops of color!

Equiptment Necessities

Educational Technology: A Step in the Right Direction for Our Future Students