Hey Fabulous Gals!

Welcome to 2014! What a great start to the new year! Jump Start for all, a FABULOUS new collection to share, hostess bonus days- how exciting! I am so glad to know each and every one of y'all and I can't wait to see what this year brings for us!

CONGRATS to the top sellers of the team!!!!!

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Spring Collection!!!

Who's excited about this amazing new collection?!?!? I'm actually having a hard time deciding what my favorites are! This collection is so much fun and there is so much to offer, so it's a great time to reach out to gals and connect with them! Why not offer them the opportunity to start their own business? They'll get an extra $100 in product credit when they sign up this month! If they say no, offer to do a trunk show for them! Women hate to say no two times in a row, and they'll love the chance to get together with their girlfriends and shop for free. Plus, in January, they get an extra $50 in style rewards- woohoo!

Definitely research the new collection in the lounge- there are videos about Blythe's inspiration, a webinar that talks about each of the pieces. The best way to feel confident with a new collection is to become familiar with it!

If you haven't ordered your Spring samples yet, check the recommended displays in the lounge. Think about what you already have and what would compliment it. Right now, we can purchase samples at 50% if you don't have enough Product Credit to get everything you want. Personally, I do not shop at half off- I only use product credit. This time around, I also held a sample sale and sold about $900 ($1800 retail) in samples. I did reinvest about $300 ($600 retail) back in the new line. If you have questions about a sample sale, I'd love to help you! They're super fun and my customers love them!

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Jumpstart for All!!!!

So, if you're totally honest with yourself, did you make the most of your jumpstart the first time around? If yes, kudos to you! If no, no worries! Here's your second chance! We are ALL back in Jumpstart until March 9th!

Why did they put us back in Jumpstart? Obviously because they love us and want to give us the chance to earn tons of free product again! But the REAL reason is because putting us into this new Jumpstart will help us grow our teams and coach our new stylists to success! We need to have the experience of gunning for those Jumpstart rewards if we want to be able to help other gals do the same.

So how does this new Jumpstart work? Totally simple! It's going to be so much easier to explain than the previous one! Everything is SALES BASED, and a great way to think about it is that you are just hostess-coaching yourself or your new stylist. Think about it this way- when hostess coaching, do you tell your hostess, "Hey, let's get you to $500 in sales and four orders- that'll get you about $50 in free jewels!" Heck no!!!!! Or at least I hope you're not! You always want to encourage your hostess to have as big a show as possible- I ALWAYS shoot for at least 1K in sales. That means more girls at the show that I'm meeting, more style rewards for the hostess, and more fun at the show.

Here's the breakdown in rewards:

When you sell between $1,000 and $4,999, you earn 10% of sales in PC

When you sell between $5,000 and $9,999, you earn 15% of sales in PC

When you sell more than $10,000, you earn 20% of sales in PC.

Could it BE any simpler?!? We still have the quickstart bonus of $100 PC for selling 1K in your first 30 days. There is also a cash bonus of $100 for sponsoring during your jumpstart. Only requirement? She has to sell 1K during her JS.

So, what is your goal for Jumpstart? Share, Share!

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My Resolution!

One of my biggest New Year's Resolutions is to be a better leader and to keep in closer contact with y'all. I feel like I have let some of you down for not helping you as much as I could. I truly want each of you to achieve whatever goal you set your mind to, whether it's paying your car payment each month, paying for date night each month, or something bigger and scarier!

To do this, let's chat! I'm setting up office hours for coaching calls for everyone who is interested. Calls will be about 30 minutes, and we can chat weekly, monthly, whatever you want. I can chat any day but Sunday between 2 and 4, and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after 8pm.

Some examples of what we might talk about: booking, hostess coaching, sponsoring, how to build your WDYK list, warming up/following up, selling

Just email me back to claim your spot!

Just remember, ladies, You Rock!!!!!

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