AnyMeeting Training Resource

Western Area of The Links, Incorporated


This site serves as an initial training reference for Western Area users to learn more about the AnyMeeting platform. The introductory video below shows the basics in navigating the dashboard to schedule and conduct a meeting/webinar. Following the introductory video, there are links to additional videos showing specific tasks and tools that will help equip you to conduct your meetings and webinars more successfully. In the coming weeks, we have scheduled a few Q&A sessions for you to participate in. Once you have completed the online training on this site, it will help drive your initial questions during our session. I hope this proves to be helpful. Have fun!
DISCLAIMER : Please note that we have purchased the Pro Account which gives you access to all the features of the platform. Please take advantage of these benefits.

New User Orientation

New User Orientation
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Presenter Best Practices

Presenter Setup

Schedule A Meeting

How to Record your meeting video

Attendee List and Chat Controls In A Meeting

How to Use Your Webcam Video In any meeting


How to upload a PowerPoint or PDF