Spring 2021 - March


SD 21CCLC with Alan and Jane

  • Monitoring visits are still being scheduled for this Spring. All visits will be held virtually through Zoom and documents will be uploaded through a shared Google Drive.
  • New Grant Applications have been sent to the readers and once scored, they will be reviewed internally. We are hopeful that we will be able to award by the end of May 2021.
  • Upcoming Statewide Evaluation will begin Summer 2021, more information coming soon.
  • Upcoming webinar for New GPRA measures reported through the 21APR, watch for an email invite.
  • Continuation Grants will open before end of April.
  • Don't forget to utilize your carryover balance!

If you have question please email Alan or Jane.

Spring Reports

The Spring Report is due to us by 5 p.m. CST on May 7, 2021.

In your reports consider the following: professional development, community partners and sustainability plans, family-community engagement activities, academic alignment plans, and what is expected for summer programming. If you are unsure about a reporting piece, please contact your state coordinator for clarification. Do not leave any portion blank.

New GPRA Requirements starting Summer 2021

The Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) is critical for continued program funding. This is how 21CCLC programs tell our story on the outcomes of our programs to be reported to Congress. These data are collected through the 21APR.

  • The new changes will help to tell a more complete story to Congress.
  • It will better reflect the 21CCLC programs.
  • It is required for all existing and new cohorts.
  • All five measures will be reported by every state. We currently report only one of these.
  • All students are reported, not just regular attendees.
  • Participation will be reported in hours instead of days.
  • The "Frequency of Reporting" will change from 3x year to 2x year.
  • Start to collect the new GPRA during Summer 2021 but won't be required to report until 2022.

We will be providing more information in the upcoming months to help you prepare for these changes. We are in the early stages of planning a Technical Assistance Webinar.

2021 SoDakSACA Leadership Retreat

Register Here - Also available at

When: April 15-17, 2021

Where: K-S Lodge, Keystone

What: 2021 Leadership Retreat

  • Traveling Science Trailers
  • Getting the Grant
  • Poverty Awareness
  • No Pain in the Workplace
  • Escape Room
  • Self Care
  • Meshing with New Staff
  • Networking

2021 South Dakota Education Conference

The South Dakota Education Conference, "Reflect. Celebrate. Dream", is focused on issues faced due to the pandemic, celebrating the successes and looking forward to the future in Education and is the primary conference for Districts that accept Federal funds, after school programs, and anyone interested in the education of South Dakota children.

  • The conference emphasizes the critical nature of doing what is right and what is needed to help every child succeed and achieve academic success.
  • The conference will be held virtually May 24-28, 2021.
  • All South Dakota educational professionals are invited to attend!

Register Now:


Volunteers of America, Dakotas Youth Center spent their last night before winter break playing the popular game "Among Us"

"Among Bowden" - VoA - Dakotas Youth Center

The students at the Volunteers of America, Dakotas Youth Center spent their last night before winter break playing the popular game Among Us. This game of Among Us was not played in front of the computer screen, it was played as a live version with their very own building acting as the spaceship!

It all began by students drawing which role they would play for the entirety of the game. There were to be four imposters “Among Us” and everyone else was a crewmate. The goal for the crewmates is to complete all their tasks in each room and survive while also determining who the imposters are. Four rooms were set up with tasks: Med Bay, Navigation, Security, and Electrical where a teacher was stationed to track which players completed all tasks. While imposters try to play it cool and complete tasks in the midst of all the crewmates, emergency meetings can be called. An emergency meeting happens when a crewmate has been “tapped out” by an imposter and a fellow crewmate locates his/her body.

Everyone moves to the cafeteria where the meeting is conducted. Only one student can speak at a time. Three students had the opportunity to nominate someone they believe is an imposter. Three different imposters can be nominated per meeting. The three students who have been named as imposters all get one last chance to defend themselves as to why they are not an imposter. After the three students have defended their case, a vote occurs. All players vote for the one student they believe to be an imposter and the truth is revealed. The student with the most votes is eliminated from the game and reveals to the rest of the players if he/she was an imposter or a crewmate.

At the first emergency meeting, all players agreed on one student as an imposter as he had been acting ‘us’. This player was an imposter and was immediately removed. From this point, the game became more difficult and students were unsure of who they could and could not trust. Keeping in mind, students were told they would be eliminated if any talking between players occurred. Anywhere from 5-10 minutes of gameplay would occur before another player would be tapped out and another emergency meeting would be called. Some crewmates knew some imposters from the start, others continued to vote out fellow crewmates time and time again.

Players were working hard to complete their tasks and were focused on keeping their eyes out for those who may be working against them. After about an hour of playing, the last emergency meeting was called. Three final nominations were placed, and one more player was eliminated. Two out of four imposters had been revealed throughout the game, and now it was the moment of truth. The final two imposters were revealed, and the room was shocked. All players did an excellent job of following the rules and making sure they were quiet the whole game.

This live version of Among Us tested our students in many capacities. From practicing deductive reasoning, to hand-eye coordination and physical tasks, all the way to the simplest yet most difficult challenge of keeping quiet, our students learned a lot and were able to associate an online game to real life situations.

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Education Kits and Crates

Think Make Create Trailers

The Think Create Make (TMC) Lab is a 6’x14’ foot traveling trailer that can be easily transported to various afterschool and summer programs around South Dakota.

The trailer is filled to the brim with high-quality, hands-on STEM activities that can occur either inside or outside using the provided tables and canopies. These small-but-mighty trailers can be delivered almost anywhere to bring a wide array of fun and educational projects to your program. REGISTER HERE

Lessons Include:

  • Paper Circuits
  • Urban Field Guides
  • Strawkets
  • K’Nex
  • Legos
  • Visual Arts
  • Textile Arts
  • Cardboard Building
  • Drones
  • Virtual Reality
  • And more….

By teaching today’s youth to think critically and learn problem solving, we are arming them with the skills they’ll need to be tomorrow’s professionals. And best of all, they’ll have fun doing it!

You For Youth - Y4Y

Y4Y - 'Creative Program Ideas' can be found on the Y4Y website and by subscribing to the newsletter.

  • April 3-11 is National Robotics Week. Explore activities and events in your area to connect students with this exciting field of STEAM.
  • April 5 is Read a Road Map Day. Have students pick a place anywhere in the world on a map or globe, find roads to and in that place, and reflect on what those roads can tell them about the region.
  • April 6 marks 125 years since Athens, Greece, resurrected the Olympic Games after a 1,500-year break. What Olympic sport would your students want to compete in and why?
  • April 10-17 is Money Smart Week. Search this term with your state or city name and discover partners and resources in your area to help you in your financial literacy efforts.
  • April 21 is World Creativity and Innovation Day. Like Y4Y’s new STEAM course, this United Nations event draws attention to creativity in unexpected fields, and the economic impact of careers in the arts. Challenge students to consider how a selected art form is used in a “non-artistic” job, or how math and science are used in “artsy” jobs.

NASA Express

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Find NASA science resources for your classroom. NASA Wavelength is a digital collection of Earth and space science resources for educators of all levels — from elementary to college, to out-of-school programs.

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Connections Beyond SD DOE

SoDakSACA - The mission of the SoDakSACA is to promote quality Out-of-School Time programs for children and youth through professional development and public advocacy.

Register NOW for the Leadership Retreat April 15-17, 2021

SD Afterschool Network - The mission of the South Dakota Afterschool Network is to support and sustain quality afterschool, out of school time (OST) and youth development programs to serve the needs of South Dakota’s youth.

Register NOW for the SDAN Fireside Chats:

  • March 31 @ 10:00AM - 100's of High Quality Lessons and Activities
  • April 28 @ 10:00AM - Mandatory Reporting and Child Abuse

BOOST Conference -

Join the largest, most recognized and comprehensive global convening for after school, expanded learning, and in and out-of-school time professionals. Set in a retreat-like atmosphere, this annual, extraordinary event will rejuvenate your passion, boost your direction for quality programming and provide tools and resources that will inspire you to create change. April 27 - 30, 2021

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