Breunig's Blast

Miss Breunig's Weekly News

Week of September 8th

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!! Everyone is settling back into the routines nicely. Thank you for sending in transportation changes with your child. It helped make dismissal run smoothly. I also appreciate you taking time to review the ABC’s of Kensington with your child.

A few reminders…

  • Students received new chromebooks last week. They were trained on Thursday before they were allowed to start using them. It is important that they follow all of the rules that we’ve gone over. If your child does not use their chromebook properly, they will lose their privilege of having them.

  • Yes, you can, and are encouraged to, help your child with their homework! Homework is practice and I do not grade it. The students check their own homework to see if they are on the right track. I use formative assessments in the class to check for mastery. If you find that your child is struggling with a certain assignment, write me a note and I will be sure to work with them. (Make sure your child is completing their Text of the Week assignments nightly)

  • Please remember to sign your child’s agenda every day. I use the agenda as a form of daily communication. Keep an eye out for those ABC stamps! If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read through the Student Handbook located in the front of your child’s agenda.

Last Week: In Reading, we have been focusing our thinking as we read. Students worked on visualizing, making meaningful connections, and asking questions as they read to help grow their thinking. I modeled for them how to complete a reading response based on an independent reading book. They will use my model and their rubric to write their own responses.

In Math, we reviewed addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm. We practiced solving addition and subtraction word problems as well. Friday, students took their first assessment on place value, value of a number, and forms of a number. Your child will bring their graded assessment home this week, make sure you review any incorrect problems with them.

In Writing, students began gathering ideas for a personal narrative piece. Their personal narrative is going to be focused on a small moment in their life. Some of these seed ideas included, thinking about special places and events, “scary times”, “bests and worsts”, map of their heart, and "bumps and

In SS, students worked on comparing the three regions of NC. They started their brochures of NC in class, which will be their first graded assignment.

This Week: In Reading, we will be working on determining the meaning of unknown words and phrases as we read. Students will be taught how to infer the meaning of words and phrases using context clues and their background knowledge. It is important that they learn to use the clues in text to help them understand the text better. Their first reading test has moved to 9/15 to allow them more time to practice these skills. They can access a reading vocab quizlet to help them study as well (linked below). The words on this quizlet are in the text, but are not words they will be tested on. It will help them to understand the text better. It is important that students do not memorize the definitions on quizlet but instead be able to explain the word meanings and use them within their daily speaking and writing.

In Math, we will be rounding numbers to various places up to the hundred thousands place. Students will also estimate sums and differences using their knowledge of rounding. Make sure your child is looking over their math notes nightly.

In Writing, students will select a seed idea to write their first personal narrative. This should be a small moment that took place in their life. We will start drafting beginning, middle, and end of their narratives. We will start off by coming up with ways to “hook” the reader.

In Social Studies, the students will be taking their first assessment on Wednesday the 9th. The quizlet for this assessment is linked below. The students are also working on finishing up their brochures. They will be due on Wednesday after the test. On Thursday and Friday, the students will be working on sorting project based on adaption and modification of living communities. This will be their third and final grade for this unit of Social Studies!

Upcoming Dates and Events:

9/9- Social Studies Test

9/11 - Spirit Wear Friday

9/11 - Math Test (addition, subtraction, and rounding)

9/11 - Reading Response Due (in class assignment)

9/15 - 1st Reading Test (moved to this date to allow for more practice)

9/15 - Curriculum Night (6:30 or 7:00 sessions - choose one to attend if possible)

9/17 - Moe’s Night 4pm-9pm

9/17 - Spirit Wear Friday - dress as your favorite book character