Chapter 7

The Adult in Society


People adapt to the changing statuses and roles that apply to each stage of adult development. This includes the world of work, and the transmission to retirement.These processes however differ between men and women in society. Sociologist can draw conclusions about the important stages through which most adults pass.

Chapter 7 summary

The life patterns of adult males and females are somewhat different. For example 69% of women with children under the age of 18 work at least part-time. For many women the pattern is to work part-time then tend to their children until they are grown and then go back into the labor force. Men however remain in the labor force until retirement for most of their adulthood. For both males and females adulthood begins at the age of 17 to 22. After this age they enter adult hood this means they make string commitments and take new opportunities. After the age of 27 many changes take place in individuals life, such as divorces, losing their jobs and they have to re-evaluate their situation. Then they reach the era of middle adulthood (40-59) then they transition to late adulthood (60-75+0.