Austin Samuelson

Nature of work

  • Are duties are to get the paintings done on time for the comer.
  • Include examples of life drawings (human or animal sketches) and any other artistic work that you have done. Strong skills in the areas of sculpture, painting, and photography are also a plus.
  • Contacting an animation studio or a professional animator is a good way to learn more about the skills and characteristics needed to succeed in this career.
  • Programs are offered across the country at art and technical institutes, and 2 and 4-year colleges.


  • Visual arts courses
  • Start developing a portfolio

Personal impression

  • You get to draw
  • Take orders of really awesome pictures


  • Entry wage - hourly $20.70 - annual - $34.050
  • Median wage - hourly $28.50 - annual - $59,280
  • Experienced wage - $39.90 - $82,980