Cold Weather


A note to all parents/guardians:

Please have your child properly equipped for the winter weather. Whenever possible we are looking to get our students outdoors for recess, as research shows that there is great cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefit over the long-term; not to mention that the active time outside gets their brains better wired to learn during the day. This being said, we use feels like temperatures below 12- 15 degrees as our general guidelines for whether or not to keep the kids inside. Do be aware however, that the preference (for the benefit of the kids) is to get them outside and moving.

Please do your part and be sure that your child have proper jackets, snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves so they can be best prepared during the winter weather. Please make sure students come to school with the items. Please make sure you label everything.

Safety Patrol: please note that Safety Patrol members that have posts outside are not to attend post if the feels like temperature is below 12- 15 degrees.

Morning Entry: The doors are opened at 8:20 for drop off each morning and the safeties go to class at 8:25 when the bell rings. When the feels like temperature is below our 12- 15 degrees guideline we attempt to get students in as soon as safeties arrive at post (approximately 8:10 AM). Please do not leave students outside to wait prior to 8:10 AM when feels like temperatures fall below 12- 15 degrees .

Thank you and keep warm!