Bobcat Briefs

November 2020


Our Veterans Day Assembly will be virtual this year. Due to our CDC restrictions, visitors are not allowed in the building. We will have our assembly posted on the Lonedell Facebook Page YouTube Channel, and a link to both on our website.


Dress up in Red, White and Blue or Military dress in honor of our American Veterans and their service to our country.

Patriot Pen Winners

Congratulations to our Patriot Pen winners, Kylie M. and Johnny C.

The Patriot's Pen is conducted nationwide and sponsored by VFW Posts. The youth essay competition gives students an opportunity to write essays expressing their views on an assigned topic. This year's theme is What Is Patriotism To Me. Our school works in conjunction with the St. Clair VFW Post. Make sure to watch our virtual veteran's day program to see these students read their essays!

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Band Preparing for Veterans Day

Dr. Dierker happened to go into Mrs. Durgin's band practice at just the right time this week. These middle school students are practicing for our Veteran's Day Celebration. The band will be performing the Manhatten Beach March for the event. Things are challenging this year due to required 6 feet spacing. Normally students of similar instruments, or sections, sit close to one another, which makes timing and tuning a little easier. Additionally, our 6th grade students are catching up due to the spring shutdown.

Mrs. Durgin says she is so proud of these students, "They try. They listen, They show so much respect towards me and towards each other. Their "can do" spirit lifts me up everyday." We are so proud of our band members and how far they have come. Click the video below to have a listen for yourself.

November Calendar

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Title 1 Tidbits

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September Students of the Month

Please help us congratulate our September Students of the Month.

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Pumpkin Patch

When 2020 wont let kids go on field trips, you bring the field trip to the kids. Recently, our K-2 grade ventured throughout our campus to attend the first Bobcat Pumpkin Patch. Each of the 6 classes got to spend 45 minutes at the pumpkin patch throughout the day. The students picked a pumpkin from our pumpkin patch, made a craft, had snacks, took pictures at the photo booth, played games like pumpkin bowling, and even got to pet some farm animals including some sheep and a pig. Through awesome and very generous donations, all of the pumpkin patch extravaganza activities where fully paid for from community members.
The smiles on both our student's and teacher's faces made the day even brighter. 16th. Students and staff enjoyed pumpkin decorating, tasty treats and a fun time together.

K-5 Students Enjoy Virtual Assembly

Things look a little different during pandemic, but that doesn't mean our students can't enjoy an assembly, virtually that is. Our elementary students enjoyed a Zoom Assembly from Ned's Mindset Mission today. This assembly concentrates on helping students activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional, and academic challenges with the help of a cartoon boy named NED. It might not be quite the same as having all of your school in the gym for an assembly, but it looks like our students had a wonderful time meeting Ned and learning about what NED stands for: Never Give UP, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best.

Visit Ned's Mindset Mission for details.

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All About Sweepstakes Winners

Last Spring during the Covid closure, the 2020 first graders were challenged by Mrs. Friel and Mrs. Generally to complete an All About Animal Writing Sweepstakes. The students were assigned to research an animal and write five sentences or facts about that animal. Each time they showed their teacher their writing via email or social media, their names were put into a sweepstakes.

At the end of the school year, each teacher chose names out of all the entries. These students won a lunch with their teacher and the other classroom winners. Mrs. Friel's group, who submitted their writings through Class Dojo, had the pleasure of a blended lunch, both virtual and in person!

Their writings are displayed in the hallway at school for all to read! Congratulations to Cailin F., Makayla M., and Chloe J. from Mrs Friel’s class and congrats to Thatcher B. and Xavier D. from Mrs. Generally’s class. Way to go, writers! We are so proud of you!

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Reading Circle Awards

Ms. Britton gave out the reading circle awards last week for last school year. To get a reading circle the student must read for K-2 twenty books and 3-6 sixteen books. The following students received the award:

Kylie McMahan

Sarina Reinwald

Olivia Marler

Chloe Jacobs

Bella Neal

Julia Simpson

Emily Sohn

Drew Staryak

Roz Prilwetz

Alohna Mayhall

Kloie McKinney

Jurek Osak

McKinley Janes

Makayla McCall

Lawson Janes

Chris McDonald

Cailin Farrar

Kolbie Cox

Sebastian Waninger

2020 Cheerleaders

Congratulations to our 2020 Cheerleaders.

Girls Squad: Abbi Dowdy, Elizabeth Duncan, Savannah Stolts (Captain), Harmony Winchester, Faith Passiglia, Amy Jahnsen, Hailey Sterling, Caitlyn Cortner

Boys Squad: Emiley Oloyed (Captain), Raina Dannenberger, Triniti Arnold, Peyton Pennington, Ma'Liah Hulsey, Leah Matchell McKinney, Mackenzy Brown, Lindsay Rampani, Lexis Williams

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Halloween Parties

Students and staff enjoyed their yearly Halloweeen parties on October 29th. There were lots of games, candy and fun.

Storybook Pumpkins

In October, students were able to decorate a pumpkin as a storybook character. Many students participated showing off their creative skills. The pumpkins were on display outside the library for all to enjoy.

FACS Class at Lonedell R-14

These middle school Bobcats are learning skills they can use for life. In FACS class they are sewing and crocheting. Good job Bobcats!

FACS Master Chef

Social distancing provided a new challenge for the FACS class that is traditionally built upon hands-on experiences and group cooperation. Because of this challenge, the idea for Master Junior Chef Wars became a reality in the FACS class!

Students were able to watch several episodes of Master Chef Junior Chef Competitions to help prepare them for the expectations of the Lonedell FACS Master Junior Chef Wars.

Each student had the opportunity to be the head junior chef. Students are paired with a partner that is their assistant and then the following day they switch roles and the assistant becomes the head junior chef. The day before the competition the 2 partners are allowed to explore the kitchen. The students use this time to take inventory of the tools and space they will work within. The only choice the chefs have is what basic course they want to cook such as, dessert, entrée, appetizer, breakfast. They are not allowed to use recipes and do not know what ingredients they will be provided with until the moment the competition starts. Students have 40 minutes to prepare, cook, present their dish and clean up. While the chefs are hard at work their assistants help clean-up, prep and provide whatever support the chef may need. Students are judged by their peers in the class. Judges rate the chef’s dish and performance on eye appeal, uniqueness, color and texture, aroma and taste, proper temperature, degree of difficulty and over-all presentation. The assistant is given a short comment on the score sheet about how they supported the chef in their endeavor. These comments are used as bonus points toward their score when they become the “chef”.

Students have been excited and have exceeded Mrs. Knickmeyer’s expectations with their enthusiasm and ability to produce a plethora of tasty treats. Mrs. Knickmeyer took a moment to get some feedback from the students about the Master Junior Chef Competition. Ashley Meek replied, “It made me realize that I can cook so much with everyday ingredients that I didn’t realize!” Charlee Dierker said, “It has been very fun and now I know how to make French toast!” Peyton Dunn noted, “It has been very fun and I like that we could work together easily”. Lane Sohn learned that it is a good idea to season your food. Alex Marler was astounded that he is now able to cook bacon, sausage and an omelet! Emma Jones stated, “I don’t need a recipe to make new things”. Tarah West thought it was very interesting to see what everyone made. Elizabeth Duncan who is not an adventurous eater said, “I liked the opportunity to try new foods, I never had stir-fry before”. Emma Quick responded, “ It was a good experience to take new risks”. Tatum DeClue said, “It was fun and now I know how to cook meat to the proper temperature.” Abbi Dowdy said, “I can’t wait for my turn even though it seems really hard”.