Geography and Globalization

Where how and why people live where they do

Geography and Globalization

Geography and Globalization are two things that affect where and how we all life in the world. Geography is location, place, movement, human environment interaction, and region worldwide.

Globalization is the effects of technology, culture, environment, economy on a worldwide level.

I'm going to be observing the production, and selling of an electric Fender guitar

This is an electric guitar, manufactured by the company Fender


Fender guitars are made in a factory in Corona California, were the guitar bodies and necks are separately shaped by machines. Then they are sanded down, and frets are added to the neck. after that, they are both painted, and attached together. Then, the strings and electronics are added to the guitar. Soon after, the Fender symbol is added and we have a guitar.
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Fender Manufacturing


Fender guitars are made in factories in Accra Ghana, Moscow Russia, Botany Australia, and Corona California. Then then the guitars are sent directly to stores all over the world.
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From pieces of wood, to the factories, to stores all over the world, to your house, Fender guitars are sent on a long journey, before making the music we all love.
Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster | N Stuff Music