New Nations in the Americas

Ch 11 Sect 4

Revolution in Latin America

By 1810, many people in Spain's American colonies were eager for independence. Most people even wealthy creoles, had little or no say in government.

Other New Nations

Other Independent Nations emerged in Latin America. Jose de San Martin led Argentina to freedom in 1816. He then helped the people Chile, Peru, and Ecuador win independence. In 1821, the people of Central America declared independence from Spain.

The New Republics

Spain former colonies modeled their constitutions on that of the United States. Yet, their experience after independence was very different from that of their neighbor to the north. Unlike the people of the 13 British colonies, the people of Latin America didn't unit into a single country.

The United States Gains Florida

Spain lost another one of its colonies, Florida-not to independence, but to the United States. Many Americans wanted to gain possession of Florida. White southerners were specially worried about disturbances across the border.

Spain Give Up Florida

By 1818, President Jackson again headed to Florida with a force of more than 3,000 soldiers. The Secretary of State John Quincy Adams worked out with Spain. Spain Agree with United States to sell the Florida territory in exchange for $5 million.