The Great Dipression

By: Gavin Carey

Herbert Hoover

President Herbert Hoover tried to found government agencies, encouraged labor harmony, supported local aid for public works, fostered cooperation between government and business in order to stabilize prices, and struggled to balance the budget. When people's calls grew for increased federal intervention and spending. But Hoover refused to involve the federal government in forcing fixed prices, controlling businesses, or manipulating the value of the currency, all of which he felt were steps towards socialism.In the end he failed and lost to Franklin D. Roosevelt for president.

Questions About the Great Dippresion

1. Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal to help provide jobs and bring people out of poverty to pull the country out of depression.
2. Because of droughts and the lack of anything but crops planted when the plants died there was nothing holding the dirt or dust so when there were strong wind storms the wind would carry large amounts of dust all over the place and killed live stalk cased lung problems and bared farming land and made farmers unable to pay for their land.

Questions About the Great Dippresion

3. CCC, NYA, PWA, WPA, and AAA.
4. Tenant farmers suffered because of less corps being planted and less acres in use those farmers had to leave. Coal Miners suffered when the coal demand decreased after oil was discovered in East Texas causing coal mines to be shut down and the miners ended up jobless.
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President Franklin D Roosevelt making a important speech.

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President Herbert Hoover and his dog.