Help wanted!

looking for a virtual assistant.

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Whats important?

Virtual assistant (v) - normally, a VA (virtual assistant) is self-employed. VA's can be in charge of marketing, social media for the business, and social factors.

I'm looking for someone to help me with my growing business! While i don't need much, there are still a few things I would like help with. (Openings listed below)


Legal assistant (specialized)

Someone who has basic knowledge of law (such as copyright). Preferred for anyone who applies to have some sort of law classes, but not required. Also, it’s important to be professional is any possible disputes.

Virtual generalist (first option)

Requires someone with basic social skills, able to answer phone calls, respond to emails talk / work with people, and update social media(s) (optional). Required to be professional, however.

Virtual generalist (second option)

Someone with a sense of aesthetic. Helps create site designs / updates. Someone who has preference ideas for improvements. Takes some creativity and cooperation with others, no requirements.

contact at [email address] for more information.