latin america region project

Brazil Brasilia 15.7989*s, 47.8667*w

Relative Location: north of Uruguay.

Physical features: Amazon river basin.

Human features: The Christ the redeemer

Modification: Genetically modified mosquitoes

Accommodation: protecting the amazon

Depend on government: They depend on the gov. to fix there homes.

Example of movement: soccer protesting

traits of culture: main language Portuguese, favelas, roman Catholicism, and shrimp and rice.

bogota Colombia 4.5833 * N 74.0667*W

relative location: N of Peru

Physical Features: Nevado Del tolimo mountains

human location: Cesar Gaviria bridge, western bridge

modification to environment: Miel l dam

accommodation to environment: Jackets

depend on gov.: ombud smans office

movement: cocaine, national rugby team

culture: bears, rice, and ground meat, Catholicism, Spanish, urbanization

Lima Peru 12.0433*s 77.0283w

relative location: s of equator

physical features: flat terrain

human locations: bridge on sighs and Jorge Chavez international airport

modification to environment: Railroads

accommodation to environment: casual light clothing

culture: Incan culture, Aymara, Spanish, and Quechua

San Jose Costo Rico 9.6*n 83.95*w

relative location: below Nicaragua

physical features: Jaco beach and Aremay volcano

Human features: sky walk bridge and plaza of the culture

modification to environment: Gmos

accommodation to environment: farming

depend on gov: socialist polices

movement: beaches and coffee

culture: Spanish, beans and rice, Alla De Carne, and democratic republic