Mrs. Lyons' March Newsletter

Math, Science, Social Studies


Welcome March!
We are at the home stretch and this year will be over before we know it. This year has gone by so fast! Be looking for a green permission slip to come home for all end of the year trips. We have a few fun things planned. Please return as soon as possible after receiving.

We have begun practicing for the ITBS testing. It is important that your child is here on time for these practice tests. We will not be able to go back and test / practice each portion for each individual student that missed. These practice tests are very important for teaching tips and tricks and we need everyone here.

Tests in March

Test Dates:

Thursday, March 9th

Excel Quarter 3 Test

Chapter 9 Science Test: Matter

Thursday, March 23rd

Unit 7 Math Test

Excel Test 10

Science Chapter 10

(Weekly timed test each Friday as seen on the homework pack)

Homework Packets to be assigned each Monday

Homework Packets match our weekly lessons and are always due on Friday unless otherwise stated on the packet.

Week 27: +10 Math Facts Practice Test (Due 3/3)

Week 28: -1,-2,-3 Practice Test and Chapter 18 Lessons (Due 3/10)

Week 29: -4 Practice Test and Chapter 18 Lessons (Due 3/17)

Week 30: -5 Practice Test and Chapter 19 Lessons (Due 3/23)

Math Lessons

For March, we are working on Unit 7: Measurement. This can be a tricky concept for some students. Please work with your child to learn the vocabulary for Unit 7 Test on 3/23
Inch - A unit to measure length
Weight- A measure of how heavy an object it
Degree- a unit to measure temperature
Pound- a measure of weight


Students are learning about the three types of Matter and how matter changes with Chapter 9 and 10. A pre-test / study guide was sent home yesterday (3/2) for next week's Chapter 9 test. Please review what your child missed on this pre-test. Our Chapter 9 Science test is scheduled for March 9th and Chapter 10 Test is scheduled for March 23.
A study guide will be sent out for Chapter 10 on March 16th.
Please check Brainpop for any free videos that may be available or other kid websites and/or books to gain their interest on Matter.

Social Studies

We will be having Mini-Lessons in Social Studies for March on U.S Symbols and then on Jobs and Goods and Services.
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