Raven Review

January 10-16, 2016

Our First Full Week of the Second Semester!

Good Morning RECHS,

You all did an amazing job this week getting the students back and focused for the upcoming semester. I know that each of you had to juggle the schedule and work with one another to ensure that all students knew what to do and where to go! Communication was the key to a successful first week back. Thank you!

Please watch the RCSS video about Inclement Weather. If bad weather strikes this winter, we need everyone to be prepared and safe. We will discuss ideas, during our PLT sessions to keep students focused and on task in the event they are out of school.

Let's get ready for another exciting week!



RCSS Inclement Weather Video
If you have not finished the following please do so.

  1. Please send in your class syllabus.
  2. Continue your action research and conversations either in your small group or independently
  3. All grade level meetings, content meetings and Impact meetings need to added to the RECHS Save the Date calendar if they have not been already.
  4. We will have mid year review of your Professional Development Plan beginning next week. I will send you an invitation for this meeting. Take the time to update your PDP prior to our meeting.

Please Welcome Naomi Jessup from ERG!


Please welcome Naomi from the Education Resource Group on her first visit on 1/15. She will be working with our Math Teachers as an instructional coach and will host a school wide math literacy support Professional Development. We will announce to date of the PD after Friday.

Staff Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 12:15-1pm

Computer Lab

Would you like to learn how to drive a bus?

Please let me know if you are interested!

o The next school bus certification class is scheduled for February 3-5 (seats are still available)

o The March school bus certification class will be held March 22-24 (seats are still available)