Mrs. Lamparter's Class

May 1, 2015

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Specials for the Week of May 4th- May 8th

P.E. will be on Thursday next week. We also have field day events on Monday and Wednesday. Please wear tennis shoes.

We will go to the Media center on Monday. Please return your library book so you can check out another one.

Field Days are next week and we invite parents to come cheer on TEAM LAMPARTER LIGHTNING in all the activities. THANK you to Mrs. Carter for creating our Field Day shirts...they are awesome!

May 4th (Monday) OPENING CEREMONIES: 1:30 p.m.
May 6th (Wednesday)

  • TUG OF WAR: 8:45- 9:45 a.m.
  • CENTERS: 10:15- 11:30 a.m.
  • PICNIC LUNCH: 11:40 a.m.
  • RELAYS: 1:00- 2:15 p.m.

The last day to record MEGA MINUTES is Friday, May 8th. Students will be recognized at the Mega Minute Celebration on May 15th at 10:10 AM.Here are reward totals:

  • White Horseshoe: 660+ minutes
  • Maroon Horseshoe: 940 +minutes
  • Gold Horseshoe: 1100+ minutes
  • Bronco: 1410+ minutes

Our Spring Kindergarten Program will be on Wednesday, May 13th at 9:00 AM. We will also have our end of the year party that afternoon from 12:00- 1:00 PM.


We are working on:
  • Building our sight word vocabulary- we should know ALL 50 Fry words!
  • Retelling familiar stories and telling about the characters, setting, and what happened in the story
  • Matching long and short vowel sounds with common spellings
  • Telling similar words apart by the sounds
  • Working on putting uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence and naming end punctuation.
  • Features of non-fiction text
  • Finding information in non-fiction text about plants and insects
  • Writing informational stories
  • Fluently reading and understanding books ON grade level
  • Working independently in Daily Five centers to become better readers, writers, and spellers
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READ and RECORD so we can REWARD!!

We will have a shorter amount of time this 4th Nine weeks to record mega minutes so the totals have been adjusted. CHECK OUT OUR NEW FORM which will calculate your child's totals for you! Our 4th Nine Weeks celebration will be Friday, May 15th at 10:10 AM. Students who earned 3 Bronco awards will get to eat breakfast with Mrs. Wright!

Please click on the link to record your Mega Minutes daily. You can also go to the Craig Home Page to record minutes OR get the SchoolInfo App and record your minutes there!

White Horseshoe: 660+ minutes

Maroon Horseshoe: 940 +minutes

Gold Horseshoe: 1100+ minutes

Bronco: 1410+ minutes


We are working on:
  • Adding and subtracting with objects and pictures
  • Adding and subtracting within ten by drawing or using objects to solve problems
  • Describing attributes of an object such as weight ot length
  • Decomposing numbers less than or equal to ten in different ways
  • Adding any number from one to nine to make ten
  • Sorting objects into categories
  • Fluently adding and subtracting within five
  • Using math tools- number line, rekenrek, and tens frame to build numbers

  • Daily calendar math

    • Counting by tens, fives, and ones to 100
    • Using "number talks" to explain our math thinking
    • Using the "Notice and Wonder" strategy to help us with problem solving


We are working on:

  • Learning the parts of a plant and how plants grow
  • Exploring the life cycle of a butterfly and other insects
  • Identifying the characteristics of living and non living things
  • Exploring the life cycle of a frog


Julian Rodriguez earned the Craig Character award for demonstrating COURAGE! He will be recognized on the Craig news show next week.


Student's are working hard to learn to tie their shoes. The following students are members of Pete's Shoe Tying Club; Kaylye, Alana, Allie, Katelyn, Abby, Jonah, Jackson, Hudson, Charles, Aaliyah, Isabella, Blake, Bria, Sophia, Ashley, and Nicole.


  • Please join us for Field day activities...the list of activities is above!
  • Mark your calendars for our Spring Kindergarten Program on Wednesday, May 13th at 9:00 AM. We will also have our end of the year party that afternoon from 12:00- 1:00 PM.
  • Our 4th Nine Weeks Mega Minute celebration will be Friday, May 15th at 10:10 AM. Please make sure you read and record your minutes.
  • Keep Your Brain in Shape Over the Summer with MobyMax! (Log in to your Student Portal and find the link on the Craig Landing Page under Curriculum Connections or in the Symbaloo green section) Login: Student ID Number Pswd: Kcraiges
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We are excited to announce our Kindergarten Course page is up and contains lots of exciting information. Log in with your child's student ID number and the password is aaaaaa. I sent home your child's student ID number. Click the button on the right that says My eClass course pages. There you will see the Craig course page. Scroll down to My Visual Course List and click the picture of the Kindergarten Teachers- LAMPARTER L KINDERGARTEN CORE. Be sure and click on my 4th Nine Weeks Homework FUN link to explore 2 apps from our Symbaloo curriculum links!