Junior High Academic Newsletter - Issue 4

6th Grade News

ELA: Over the next few weeks, the 6th graders will be learning about persuasive texts. They will understand that persuasion is all around us in everyday life, and they will be able to recognize the different types of persuasive techniques. In writing class, the students will continue to write expository texts in Google Classroom. Please remember that your student has homework for reading every night. They will set a goal for how many pages to read per night and write a brief summary on a sticky note. The sticky note summary is to be turned in daily.

MATH: In 6th grade math, we will be completing our unit over equations and starting our unit eight over inequalities. In this unit, we will use the same principals as we did in unit seven. The biggest difference between these two units are that we will be using inequality signs, instead of an equals sign. After that will begin our unit over proportions.

SOCIAL STUDIES: For the next 3 weeks we will be working on finishing up our unit over South America and beginning to Explore the wonders of Western Europe.

7th Grade News

ELA: In 7th grade reading, the students will continue their study of informational text. We will be focusing on main idea, text structures, and summarizing an informational expository text. Along with informational text, we will begin to study pieces that are from different genres, but are related, in order to work on our text to text TEKS. The students have completed their novel study over the book "Wonder" and will begin a new novel, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas."

In writing, we will continue with grammar and mechanics, along with revising and editing. We will start to dive deeper into the expository essay process, gearing towards being able to write an expository essay.

MATH: We are starting the percent unit. In this unit, we will be finding sales discounts, tips, taxes, percent of change increasing and decreasing.

In 7th grade Honors, we are starting the transformations unit. In this unit, we will be translating, reflecting, dilating and rotating figures and writing the rule that goes with the transformation.

SCIENCE: In science we are working on physical and chemical changes, comparing small and large molecules. Then we will be starting a unit over carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. We will be finding similarities and differences between the two.

SOCIAL STUDIES: In Texas History we will start our studies over the Empresario System and continue into the Mexican National Era. We will begin a hands on project analyzing and constructing a Spanish Mission using various materials. As we progress through our units, we will continue to work in our interactive notebooks. History Fair project completion has been changed from December 11 to December 18, 2017.

8th Grade News

ELA: In Reading, over the next few weeks, we will be analyzing speeches and text for their persuasive power. We will also continue our Novel study on "Between Shades of Gray." In ELA, we will work on how to write a Persuasive Essay.

MATH: Returning from Thanksgiving break, we will begin our unit over Transformations. This unit will last until we leave for Christmas Break. When we return form the Christmas Holidays, we will be taking our Semester exam.

SCIENCE: We are studying Newton’s Laws, describing the three laws of motion, identifying Newton’s laws in real world situations, and comparing and contrasting potential and kinetic energy. We will be testing force of motion and Newton's laws.

Then we will be starting the Earth cycles. We will examine how the tilt of the earth axis causes seasons and day and night. We will compare and contrast rotation and revolution. As we are studying the Earth cycles, we will also be studying the Lunar cycles.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students have started their study on the major problems faced by the leaders of the New Republic. We will describe the origins and development of the American Political Parties, analyze foreign policies of President Washington through President Monroe and explain the impact on the election of Andrew Jackson.

Upcoming Dates

December 1, 2017 - Junior High UIL

December 21, 2017 - Early Release and Progress Reports Go Home

December 21 - January 7 - Christmas Holidays