The land of the rising sun

japan the island nation

the pop culture and calm shrines. the pop main city Tokyo has every thing from restaurants to disinter shops. and the country has a special time were every thing stops for a cup of tea.

shrines, tea time, and pop city

places to go

one place to go in japan is the Yunessan spa, were you can relax in beverages and chill out. check out these people relaxing in wine.
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video about water front cites in tokyo

Waterfront Cities of The World Tokyo, Japan

the famous food

how to make the most popular food in japan and the U.S, can you guess it? If you guessed sushi you got it. the things you need are bamboo mat to prep it on, dry sea weed sheets bowl of water with 1 table spoon of vinegar in it, dried horse power (Wasabi), Strips of avocado, cucumber, carrot, or other vegetable, cooked shrimp or crab meat. The process to make sushi is place the dried seaweed shinny side down on the bamboo mat, with the hand you right with put your hand in the bowl of vinegar water and scoop out a ball rice, spread the rice in an even layer on the dried sea weed, sprinkle Wasabi in the middle of the rice, Arrange the strips of vegetables and seafood over the line of Wasabi, gently roll the ingredients in to a sushi roll, put little pressure on the roll, continue till the roll is complete, eat the sushi.
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the flag is white with a reddish orange circle in the middle the white stands for the sky the circle stands for the sun the flag stands fro the rising sun.
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the bathrooms

the bathrooms in japan are holes in the floor and there is no toilet paper supplied so people carry wet wipes.
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