Brittany Shoop

What do surgeons do?

Surgeons have to be able to diagnosis the patient, give them treatment or operation options and carry those out according to the patients wants or what's best for them. A surgeon is a leader, and they have to be able to take care of the patient and their health as well. They treat the patients for illness and injuries and check up on the patients in order to know how things are going and if they are getting better.

Working Conditions For Surgeons

Surgeons stand for long period of times, and they usually work in very sterile environments for the safety of the patients. Surgeons work long hours and have to be on-call in case they are needed in an emergency.

Training/Education Requirements of A Surgeon

A surgeon must have a medical degree and then get either have to specialize as a general surgeon or specialize in a specific field. For example, you can become a neuro-surgeon, a cardio-surgeon, etc. Then internship is required for you to be able to become a surgeon.

Personal Characteristics of A Surgeon

All surgeons need to be leaders, creative, and smart. They need to be flexible and be ready to face challenges effectively. They have to be quick on the spot, making decisions within a couple seconds, and be able to lead other surgeons or their team.

Earnings & Job Outlook For A Surgeon

A surgeon can expect to make around $2,656 every week and around $138,906 every year. The more skills they develop, the higher their salary can rise.

Education Spotlight

Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts :

John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland:

Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: