Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Research Foundation

Lung Cancer Research Foundation's Purpose

Funds that will go to better treatments, screening , and prevention of lung cancer.


  • uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells
  • start out in either one or both lungs
  • They usually are found in the cells that line around the air passageways
  • That are the bad cells that will rapidly seperate


  • Monthly care is around $25,00

  • chemotherapy is around $15,000

Some side affects are...

  • low blood levels
  • feeling tired or run down
  • taste change
  • and many more


  • 43,500 are diagnosed
  • 120 each day
  • 160,000 die
  • get a 15% to 30% of getting lung cancer


  • Chemotherapy + radiation

  • small cell and non small cell
lung Cancer definitely needs money