The next big thing to hit the American Educational System.

Social media working for education, not against it

In our society today, almost every student above the age of 14 has a smart phone. Among the millions of apps on these smart phones is and app called a QR reader. QR readers read QR codes. These codes look like small black boxes that most businesses and companies use to get smart phone users to follow up with their product or service. QRvoice.net is revolutionizing education because it is getting social media to aid learning in the classroom, instead of detract from it. QRvoice.net is a website where students and teachers can make customized QR codes that contain the audio message of their choosing. The website also encodes the message in almost any language imaginable. QRvoice.net is also a free website.

Use your QR reader to decode these messages and see how it works!

How can I specifically use QRvoice.net in my classroom?

The possibilities of how to use QRvoice.net in the classroom are endless! Teaches can ask students to create QR codes to make certain projects more interactive. For example, if a teacher assigns a museum project, the teacher can ask the students to create a QR code to add to their display. Teachers can greatly use QRvoice.net for language exams. A teacher can create a test containing several QR codes in Spanish and the students would have to decode the messages and write down what the messages said in English, or visa versa.

Have fun thinking of creative ways of how to use QRvoice.net in your classroom!