Salem Newsletter Project

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The Background

We will be studying Arthur Miller’s classic drama, The Crucible, and we will examine how Miller’s fictitious characters use the concept of spectral evidence in a court of law to convict and even to hang certain members of the Salem community.

Everyone knows Miller used his drama to satirize the Communist RED SCARE in America, but how much of this play is based on actual truth?

Guiding Question for Project

What happens to the moral center of an individual or society when the desire to conquer trumps the desire to compromise?

But What Am I DOING?

Your assignment: You and your group members will create a fully research-based newspaper based in the year 1692. Each member will have a specific role in this project as outlined in the links below.

Be sure to click on EACH LINK to get ALL of the information before you choose your role!

The Roles


Click Me for More Information on the Researcher!


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Click Me for More Information on the Reporter!

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Reading for EVERYONE

(This is REQUIRED reading for all. One of the essays on your test will be taken from this letter. Think: RED SCARE. What was it, according to Miller? Why is his perspective important?)

Your First Site to Check Out...

(REQUIRED. Click on Court Records and search by name, e.g. John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, etc. The majority of your research should come from here.)

You WANT to look at these! They will HELP!

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