Sleep Deprivation

By Kate Norton, Nate Shimer, and Will Johnson

Description and Symptoms

Sleep deprivation is basically the lack of proper amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation can either be chronic or acute. Acute sleep deprivation is less serious, while chronic sleep deprivation can have many dangerous long term effects.

Symptoms are:


-Being tired

-Having trouble concentrating

-Not getting enough sleep


Help in the Community

There aren't many places to go for sleep deprivation, but one could buy a special mattress to suit their body or use sleep aid medicine, such as NyQuil.


-100,00 car accidents in North America a year due to sleep deprivation

-SLeep deprivation can lead to cardiovascular disease. the number one killer in America

-About 70 million Americans have sleep deprivation

-7 out of 10 Americans admit to having trouble sleeping frequently

How You Can Help a Friend

You can help a friend by recommending to them that they

(1) Shut off their electronics an hour before bed

(2) Keep their cell phone out of their bedroom

(3) Put all of their work-related material away an hour before bed

(4) Dim their lights a couple of hours before bed

(5) Avoid drinking coffee 6-9 hours before sleep

Places to go for Info

-Intermountain Healthcare Hotline (801-236-6061) or (1-800-925-8177) (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)