By: Emily Moore

What is Cysticercosis?

Cysticercosis is a parasitic tissue infection caused by ingesting larval cysts on the tapeworm Taenia solium. You can ingest these tapeworms from eating raw or under cooked pork This tapeworm infects your brain, muscles, and other tissues. Cysticercosis is one of the major causes in adult onset seizures in most low-income countries.


  • headaches
  • confusion
  • seizures
  • vision changes
  • cysts in your muscles
  • cysts in your eyes
Symptoms of this foodborne illness may not show up until months or even years after you have been infected.

Symptoms, Maps, & The Tapeworm


There is treatment for this foodborne illness. You can take anti-parasitic drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgery might also be needed to treat cysts. You may also take anthelmintics, corticosteriods, and antoconvulsants.

Number of illnesses

1 in every 10 people will get this preventable parasitic illness. About 221 people die a year from Cysticercosis