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May Newsletter

April recap and May specials

April was a great month. You all added 22 new people to the team! You are touching so many lives by sharing these oils and products. I think it is amazing how many have been helped so far by the sharing that goes on :) Keep sharing your love of these oils. It really makes a difference for many people!

There are many specials going on this month as you can see in the graphic below. Also, the Rose Jasmine promo has been extended until May 15. If you enroll 4 people you will win Jasmine, enroll 7 and you win Rose, enroll 11 and you win both.

So keep sharing the oil love!


I have a couple of incentives going on for the month of May. The first one is for a Greenair 360 diffuser. The first person to enroll 3 people and get them set up for June LRP will win the 360 diffuser. There is a pinned post on the Team facebook page. If you get 3 enrolled and lrp set up post on the team page. The retail value of this diffuser is $60. It is a great diffuser, especially if you have a large area.

The second incentive is for referrals. If you know someone who may want essential oils, but you don't want to be bothered with the business side of things, refer them to me. I am going for the Rose and Jasmine promo, and I will be putting the names in a drawing of people who gave me referrals, and I will raffle off the Rose and/or Jasmine. Pretty sweet!!

So keep sharing and enjoy May!! Happy Oiling!

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