Mrs. Lay's Class News

7th Grade ELAR

Overview of May 23-26

Hello Reynolds Parents!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! We have a ton of exciting things happening this week! This week, we will be working on our Capstone Project which will be 50% of our final exam grade. In addition, the students have their Unit 4 and 5 test on Tuesday. This test will cover the concepts and skills taught during both units 4 and 5, including: summarizing, paraphrasing, inferencing, using context clues, analogies, unit vocabulary, comprehension, mood, foreshadowing, text structures, main idea and details, etc.

Part Two of the project is due, Thursday, May 26th: Song Paragraph, Inspirational Narrative, and Expository Letter

The students are welcome to come in before or after school to work on their project.

Weekly objectives:

  • I can apply my knowledge of EVERYTHING I have learned in 7th grade ELAR to complete the Capstone Project!

Unit 5 Academic Vocabulary Words




Rhetorical Devices