Sabur Moradi

Teaching Assistant

Personal Statement: Sabur

Personal Statement

Have you ever broken something and needed someone to fix it for you? Then I’m your guy! I have always been great at opening and fixing anything that is having issues or is broken. When I was younger, I watched my older brother fix his car and I thought how cool it was to be able to fix things. The first time I broke something was my garage opener. I immediately climbed a latter to see what broke and I fix it. I removed the cover to find out where the noise was coming from. I discovered that the chain had fallen off. I reattached the chain and tightened it, and it was working! When I can fix things, it makes me feel confident.

I’m from Afghanistan and I currently speak two languages. Believe it or not I have four older brothers and three older sisters, and we all live under one roof! Being part of big family, I have learned to get along with others, and take the time to be patient and wait my turn. I have a lot of patience; in fact the meaning of my name is patience.

Ever since I was a child I always wanted to be a police officer, well let’s just say an undercover agent to be exact. I like the idea of being able to stop crime without other people knowing who I am. I can work with a group, but I can work faster when I’m alone. If you have a lot of files that are not in order and in a mess, then I could organize them for you because I’m very good at organizing. I have a good art skills and a great imagination. I was eligible to take art 1 this year but I chose EFE instead. This has been a good choice for me because I am learning some of the skills I need to achieve my goals.



2010 to present | Byrd Middle School

2009-2010 | Jackson Davis Elementary School


baby sitting, mowing lawns, cleaning


fixing anything that's broken, keyboard/piano, technology

Work Experience Journal


To prepare for my work experience, I have written a resume, recorded my personal statement, learned how to create a digital portfolio, and learned how to dress properly when at work. This will help me get ready for a real job.


today i have learned that always always work hard and believe in your self. and never loose focus. otherwise if you do then you will be accountable to for your mistakes and loss.


station one, i took a professional photo that will be used on my professional ID badge.

station two, I learned how to tie a necktie properly so i could wear it every time i need too.

station three, i was interviewed and i had some faults like firmer hand shake and more eye contact so in the future i will know these steps.

station four, i gathered a life quote and posted it on my pro folio.

2-6-13 i was assigned on my first job! it was in the help desk where I work best. i never knew how many laptops gets shipped and students comes back. the coolest part was that I was able to unscrew so many laptops that i lost count! the room gets really overcrowded with so many laptops.

2-8-13 I noticed that even teachers do not have class with their students they always work with other teacher planning their next day of work. and that pretty amazing how they always work and work. "be grateful of what you learn and experience because in the third world country, kids would die to learn."

2-13-13 Today i have experience how science teacher are always busy because they have to plan their next class with the materials and supplies for projects. while they teacher the current block with their lesson, luckily i got a ton of load of work off my teacher by helping her setup projects for the next block.

2-15-13 today


today I have been learned and taught, how to use the laminate, printer, mail boxes, I think its really cool how teachers uses these everyday simple life tools. the rooms get quite crowded and busy, I have experienced how so many teachers print and check their mail boxes.

2-27-13 today i had to cut all the shapes and laminate all of the papers, it was a load of work but it was fun.


SnOw DaY!!!!!!!


today i worked passing out papers to the students and working on some of my homework while my teacher gives me assignments to do.


today i worked with Mrs. Smith i had to sort and organize all of her paperwork and her students work grade.


today i got to use the the huge paper cutter for Mrs. Smith's class work.


today i got to organize many of Mrs smith's students work and had to cut our many papers.


today i got to cut our several pieces of papers and projects for Mrs. smith


today i had some help and i got many things done like cutting her papers and laminate her papers for her class.


today is a half day,


spring break


spring break

4/10/13 today I got to work for miss. Robertson, miss. Robertson told me i had to pass out multiple of graded papers during the class while the students were working on a assignment and organize her basket of papers.

4/12/13 today I got to work for Mrs Smith, Mrs Smith assigned me to cut and organized one of her project papers and laminate them also and organize it again, it was lot of work and figuring it but i got it done.


today I managed to ask Mrs. Smith for another diffferent assignet and I did, I got to organize Mrs. Smith's students test grade into last name alphebetic order, and trust me, there was so many of them that I lost track.


today I got to make a quizlet, Mrs. Smith handed me a sciene book and collect all of chapter 5 vocab words, once I gatherned all of the vocab, I had to look up the definitions, then lastly I had to put them up on and print it.


today I worked for Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith gave me a task and that task was to organize her students test work, And there was so so so many! like a 3 inch binder! Full of paper, but I tried to organize as many as I could.


today I got to work for Miss. Robertson, she did'nt have any task for me to do today but I followed Miss. Robertson's teaching and learned from her teaching and learned something new about newtons law, I got some alone time and I finished some HW of my own aswell.


Today I asked Miss. Robertson , if she had anything asigned to me, but the students had to take a SOL simulation test, so I couldnt do any work because the students would get distracted, so I went back to the office, and I got to sweep the floor , and then play with the tennis ball!


today I still couldnt do stuff because some of their students still needed to finish the test so I helped out carnell with some of his job work, his job work was to collect all the english liturture books and store it inside the english prep room and then I ate lunch with Miss, Robertson's class.


Today I helped my Coworkers, with his job since he asked my to help him, We had to take all of the english liturture books to the english prep room, We had some struggle taking the books downstairs and upstairs but we still managed to do the work.


Today, I went to work for Miss. Robertson but suprisingly Miss. Robertson had a subsitute, so I couldnt do much in the class, so I helped my coworker again with his textbooks and this time we managed to do the work done.


Today I got to work for Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith assigned me to organized several of her student's paperwork, classwork, tests, and quizes! There was so much that I didnt have time to finish it all, but at least I got some of them done.




today I helped mrs.richards , with her books and i filed some of her papers, with my coworker, anothony,


Shannon Hyman


Jessica Burbic

Contact Information

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Bruce Timok, Byrd Middle School EFE Teacher.


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