Board Report

February, 2022 Edition

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Energizer Bunny, Shining Star, and Spirit Award Recognitions

Nominated by Theresa Farnell, Principal, Centreville Elementary School

The February Energizer Bunny award winner is Janice Carter, Day Time Custodian. She takes care of 70 staff members and 578 students each day. She receives many deliveries, takes care of primary children’s accidents, spills, and other messes, ensures that the cafeteria is cleaned after each lunch shift and that the classrooms are ready for learning. She does all of this with a smile and with an exuberant amount of energy. She is constantly called on our radio to go here and to go there. She keeps us safe. Mrs. Carter is the epitome of the Energizer Bunny…just watching her makes me tired! Thank you, Ms. Carter, for your unending dedication and hard work for the students and staff at CES.

The February Shining Star is Kimberly Schultes, 3-Year Old Blended Program. When she started, she built the very successful 3-year-old blended program from scratch, and now it is a model for other schools. She does the work of a general educator and special educator all at once. She gracefully and enthusiastically teaches her typical-aged peers and her special education students each and every day. She also completes all the paperwork required for her general education students and case manages her special education services. Her paperwork is as accurate and effective as her wonderful implementation of best practices and high academic standards for all! Her CES families (and CES Staff) are blessed to have her. Thank you, Mrs. Schultes, for your dedication to your students. You truly are a shining star.

The February Spirit Award Winner is Valerie Elliot, Full-Time Para. Mrs. Val is such a positive person who willingly takes on any task with a smile and a positive attitude. She always has something positive to say to lift someone up when they are down - student or staff. Her smile and enthusiasm will brighten anyone’s day. She has also helped a student, by her positivity, to be the best CES CUB possible. Thank you, Mrs. Elliott, for your continued spirit that is always uplifting and positive. This award is well deserved.

January Spotlight

Amy Hudock presented the January Spotlight to shine a light on some of the exciting activities that took place at each of our schools throughout the month of January.


Calendar Change Survey Results

The Board voted to make Monday, February 21, 2022, and Thursday April 14, 2022 full school days. Friday April 15, 2022 will become an early dismissal day. An official announcement will be made soon.


The Board welcomed Kevin Thompson, Special Education Facilitator, to QACPS.

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Advanced Placement Programs Policy 602

The Board approved updates to Advanced Placement Programs Policy 602.

Fund Balance Policy 305

The Board approved the implementation of Fund Balance Policy 305.

New Central Office Building - A/E Design Services

The Board approved the contract with WGM Architecture & Interiors to provide architectural and engineering design services for the new central office building for QACPS.

Board Of Education Meeting || 2.2.2022